Star Fox Event Horizon

Fans are working on a free standalone Star Fox game for the PC

A team of modders is currently working on a free standalone Star Fox game for the PC, called Star Fox: Event Horizon. Star Fox: Event Horizon is using the Freespace Open Engine, and will be a standalone and completely free download when it is complete.

This project has been in development for a few years. Now before anyone assumes that Nintendo is fine with such a freeware game… it is not. My guess is that the big N has not shut it down because it is simply unaware of it. If, however, this project gets enough media attention, Nintendo will unquestionably shut it down. After all, Nintendo has just shut down the fan-made 2D Metroid Prime game, Prime 2D.

But anyway. The team behind it has just released a new gameplay video that you can find below. This video shows the first Landmaster level. And, to be honest, I’m really impressed with what they have managed to achieve. And while this level is a bit rough around the edges, it’s fully functional.

I’ve also included below another video from the game’s first underwater level on Aquas. This level also looks amazing so I’m really hyped about this project. I suggest though tempering your expectations as Nintendo will most likely shut it down. Therefore, let’s hope that we’ll at least get a demo of it.

There is currently no ETA on when Star Fox: Event Horizon will come out. Naturally, though, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.


Macbeth Testrun - Star Fox Event Horizon

Star Fox Event Horizon - Aquas Testrun