Turtle WoW 2.0 Unreal Engine 5

Fans are bringing World of Warcraft to Unreal Engine 5, and here’s your first look at it

World of Warcraft fans, get ready for a treat. The Turtle WoW Team is currently working on bringing its World of Warcraft fan expansion, Mysteries of Azeroth, to Unreal Engine 5. This will allow you to experience the classic WoW in UE5, with most of its modern features. And, below, you can find its first gameplay showcase video.

Turtle WoW 2.0 — A new chapter in the Mysteries of Azeroth. For those unaware, Mysteries of Azeroth is a fan-made expansion story for World of Warcraft Vanilla that delves deeper into exploring the original lore of the game.

The expansion aims to take a different path from the Burning Crusade, emphasizing the familiar Azeroth of Vanilla WoW over the cosmic battle with the Burning Legion. While being heavily based on the lore from Warcraft 3 and Vanilla WoW, Mysteries of Azeroth seeks to enhance the game by adding content that matches the already well-established lore of Warcraft Universe.

Turtle WoW 2.0 will feature two graphical modes. These two modes are Legacy and Modern. The Legacy Mode will be the classic, old one. On the other hand, the Modern Mode will have better textures, lighting effects, HD 3D models and richer environments.

The team has also shared the PC requirements for these two modes. For the Legacy Mode, PC gamers will need an Intel Core i3-2100 or an AMD A6-3600 with 1GB of RAM and an integrated GPU (like the Intel HD Graphics 4000). For the Modern Mode, you’ll at least need an Intel Core i5 6600K or an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with 4GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 or an AMD Radeon RX580.

It’s also worth noting that Turtle WoW 2.0 will have a new anti-cheat system. Not only that, but it will support from the get-go both NVIDIA DLSS 2 and AMD FSR. Players can also expect modding tools for the community.

All in all, this sounds pretty amazing. According to the trailer, the team plans to release Turtle WoW 2.0 sometime in 2025. So, it will take a while. But man, it already looks cool.

Finally, the gameplay footage from the UE5 Modern Mode is from an Alpha Build. As such, it does not represent the quality of the final product. Still, it can give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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