Fallout: New Vegas Modder Restores Cut Content And Proves Why We Need Modding Tools For Our Games

Now this is precisely why we love mods and why developers should offer modding tools for their games. Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas is considered a gem and what Fallout 3 should be in the first place. Did you know however that the development team has cut content from the game and altered some areas in order to overcome the console hardware limitations? Of course and you didn’t, though you should expect it as Obsidian has also cut content from KOTOR 2. And as with KOTOR 2, a modder decided to restore the cut content in Fallout: New Vegas and introduce features that were originally meant to be included.
This Fallout: New Vegas modder goes by the name of ‘moburma80’ and has taken a good look at the game’s source code in order to restore what dialogues, NPCs, quests, and areas were originally meant to be included in Obsidian’s RPG but were left out.
In all honesty, this is a must-have mod and we are utterly impressed with what moburma80 has managed to achieve. The modder has released 10 parts of this major overhaul that can be downloaded from here.
The latest part of his New Vegas Uncut series of mods is called Outside Bets. According to the modder, the primary aims of the mod are to restore and collate minor pieces of cut content that would be too small to demand their own seperate mods, to restore all the NPCs removed by Obsidian’s patching process, and to fix a few minor bugs that prevent content in the vanilla game from working correctly.
Other parts of this New Vegas Uncut series include ‘Rotface to Riches’ that is actually an extended version of the unmarked quest ‘Rotface’s Loose Lips’, which although present in the final game is vastly shortened compared to what was originally planned, ‘Freeside Open’ which is an attempt to overhaul and restore the Freeside worldspace in Fallout: New Vegas to what was the developer’s original intent; a sprawling, densely populated area full of danger and unexpected events, as well as ‘Welcome to Fabulous New Vegas’ that restores the original in-engine introduction to the game, with different dialogue to the final FMV.
And this, our dear readers, is why we need the modding tools for our games. Yeah, there is always the danger of hackers taking advantage of them but with those tools we can get framerate unlockers, graphical overhauls, source code optimizations that were not made by the development team, as well as attempts to restore content that was cut from the games.
Special thanks to RPS for spotting it!