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Fallout 76 will not support mods until December 2019, will only be available on private servers

Fallout 76 releases next month and from the looks of it there won’t be any official mod support at launch. As Pete Hines told Gamespot, the game will not support mods at least until December 2019, and the supported mods will only be available on private servers.

As Pete Hines said:

“Mod support is going to be tied to work that we’re also doing on private servers, and letting people do private servers. Mods will be a thing that run on private servers.”

Hines added that the public servers will not support mods, and that in private servers you’ll be deciding what sort of mods you’re including and running, and everyone playing on that server will be playing with those mods.

Still, it will take more than a year in order for Fallout 76 to support mods and that’s something that will definitely put off a number of players. After all, Bethesda’s games have been well known for their crazy mods.

Hines concluded that it will take a lot of work but mods and private servers will be coming to Fallout 76!