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Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch Is Now Available, Features Tons Of Bug Fixes

The Unofficial Patch Project Team has released the first unofficial patch for Fallout 4. In case you are not aware of, the Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch is a comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4 that aims to eventually fix every bug with Fallout 4 not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.

TheĀ Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch will feature hundreds of gameplay, quest, NPC, object, item, text and placement bugs fixed, is designed to be compatible with as many other mods as possible, and won’t feature unsafe changes (such as deletions of stock objects).

The first version of theĀ Fallout 4 Unofficial Patch can be downloaded from here.

Do note that this unofficial patch requires Fallout 4 patch 1.5.146 or greater.

And here is its changelog:

Actor Fixes

  • The follower version of Curie does not have the standard selection of sneak perks or the Companion Inspiration perk like all of the others do. This was due to an improper inheritance from her nested templates. (Bug #19664)
  • EncRadscorpion03AmbushLegendary and EncRadscorpion03Legendary were not set to use the skin for the Glowing Radscorpion like their normal counterparts. (Bug #19843)
  • Preston Garvey, MacCready, Curie, Cait, and Dogmeat were never given the Live & Love magazine perks. (Bug #19672)

Audio Fixes

  • During Tradecraft, the player comments on the base being under a donut shop. The female response adds on a line that isn’t in the subtitle and isn’t in the male version of the line. The extra part has been removed. (sound\voice\Fallout4.esm\PlayerVoiceFemale01\000791E4_1.fuz) (Bug #20128)

Item Fixes

  • Combat Armor left leg weight did not match the weight on the right leg. Both should weigh 2 based on their value and where they fit in the progression. (Bug #19682)
  • It was not possible to remove added armor linings from Synth Armor due to a missing ma_armor_lining keyword on the arm, leg, and torso pieces. (Bug #19708)
  • Construction recipes were missing for “Glow Front Sight Ring” on Combat Shotguns and Rifles, as well as “Tuned Receiver” for Pipe Revolvers despite these weapon mods being available in the UI. The result was that the actual mods produced were non-functional. (Bug #19679)
  • John & Cathy’s House Key (DmndJohnKey) was incorrectly labeled as “John & Jessica’s House Key”. (Bug #19753)
  • The Clean Black Suit (ClothesSuitClean_Black) was missing the keyword to allow Ballistic Weave to be inserted. (Bug #19911)
  • Leveled list LLI_Vendor_PowerArmor_Mods_Unique had a bad entry for an object reference that the game would treat as a 10mm pistol. (Bug #20131)
  • Clean Vault 111 suit was not using the correct material swaps for first person. (Bug #20146)

Location Fixes

  • The Prydwen has a settlement icon on the map even though there is no workshop listed for it and there is never any possibility to send settlers to it. (Bug #19905)

Mesh Fixes

  • The combat shotgun stock has a gap in it. (meshes\weapons\combatshotgun\stockshort_1.nif) (Bug #20069)
  • The female heavy leather armor model is pointing to the wrong material. (meshes\armor\leather\f_arm_heavy_r.nif) (Bug #20137)

Papyrus Fixes

  • AOAliasBailOutScript: Prevented timer event bailout from filling the script logs with errors due to the lack of a check for the alias reference being NONE. (Bug #19591)

Perk & Stat Fixes

  • Level 3 & 4 of Chemist incorrectly list Intelligence of 5 as a requirement instead of 7. (Bug #19585)
  • Levels 1 & 2 of the Ninja perk did not properly account for 2-handed melee weapons. (Bug #19667)
  • Level 3 of Idiot Savant was mistakenly checking for Intelligence of 6 twice, which left out 5, and the effectiveness chance was off by 1% as well. The Intelligence 8 condition also had unnecessary weapon type conditions that should not have been there. (Bug #19676)
  • The Tesla Science magazine perk was not providing the bonus described due to the use of an incorrect keyword. (Bug #20139)

Settlement & Workshop Fixes

  • Settlers assigned to scavenging stations walk around everywhere with their weapon drawn, often pointing it at things for no reason. This was due to the AI package WorkshopScavengeSandbox7x14 having the “Weapon Drawn” flag set when it doesn’t need to be. (Bug #19652)
  • Provisioners, Pack Brahmin, and Caravan Guards were retaining their names after reassignment due to a missing “Clears Name When Removed” flag on the aliases in the Workshop Parent quest. (Bug #19653)
  • The High Tech Desk [Dirty] (workshop_co_HighTechDesk01_Dirty) was using the incorrect component type for the wood. (Bug #19680)
  • Aluminum Oil Cans (OilCan01_PreWar) were scrapping for steel instead of aluminum. (Bug #19598)
  • Lead Pipes incorrectly call for steel when upgrading to Heavy Lead Pipes. (Bug #19596)
  • Lead Pipes incorrectly get scrapped into steel rather than lead. (Bug #19596)
  • BranchPile02 is listed in the wrong formlist for scrapping branches. (Bug #20132)
  • The following scrap recipes were producing their component parts instead of proper scrap material: workshop_co_ScrapBathroomSink, workshop_co_ScrapBathroomToilet, workshop_co_ScrapBrokenVendingMachine, workshop_co_ScrapFurniturePatioChair, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_AmmoBox, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Medkit, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Prewar_Cooler, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Prewar_Safe, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Prewar_Suitcase, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Prewar_Toolbox, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Safe_Floor, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_ToolChest, workshop_co_ScrapLoot_Woodcrate, workshop_co_ScrapLunchPail, workshop_co_ScrapOxygenTank, workshop_co_ScrapRadio, workshop_co_ScrapTricycle01, workshop_co_ScrapUtilitySink, workshop_co_ScrapVaultcrates, workshop_co_ScrapWoodVerySmall. (Bug #20114)
  • MacCready’s wooden toy soldier was incorrectly listed as being made of ceramic instead of wood. (Bug #20115)
  • Several radios are not in the scrap list that controls radio scrapping. (Bug #20130)
  • Player housing ruined stove is not correctly labeled to allow it to be built in the workshop UI. (Bug #20133)
  • Lightboxes are incorrectly filed under the Misc category in the workshop UI. They should be listed with the other lights. (Bug #20134)
  • Aluminum Tray (LukowskisPottedMeatUnfilled) should scrap to aluminum, not steel. (Bug #20135)

Quest Fixes

  • Strong should no longer begin his response dialogue when asked about his relationship status with the player before the player has actually finished speaking. (COMStrongTalk) (Bug #19657)
  • At the end of Dependency (V81_03), if the player convinced Bobby to get clean, talking to Tina will abort after convincing her to join a settlement due to an unfilled property in the scene that was supposed to bring up the settlement selection window. If you succeeded in convincing her but never got the menu, you will get a pop-up menu upon running the patch which will ask you where you want to send her. (Bug #19581)
  • When completing Dependency (V81_03) Bobby, Tina, and Rachel do not have their essential status removed because the stage 1000 fragment calls stop too soon and ends up clearing the aliases before the quest is done. (Bug #20142)
  • Cambridge Polymer Labs (DN015) leaves undroppable quest items in your inventory even if the puzzle quest (DN015Puzzle) to make the armor is completed. DN015 was not stopping DN015Puzzle in stage 100. (Bug #19586)
  • When negotiating with Deb at Bunker Hill for Traffic Jam (FFBunkerHill02) the rewards given are incorrect due to checking the wrong set of quest stages for the negotiated payment. (Bug #19710)
  • The Order Up quest (DialogueDrumlinDiner) does not clear aliases for the dead bodies, resulting in them staying in the game forever and respawning their loot. The quest is also not stopped if everyone at the diner has been killed, or if the player aggro’d them all and they’re all hostile. (Bug #19720)

Terminal Fixes

  • The Faculty Terminal at Shaw High School (DN020_StaffMemosSubTerminal) is incorrectly named as Principal Tanner’s Terminal and incorrectly returns back to Tanner’s personal terminal instead of the proper Faculty Terminal main menu. (Bug #19876)
  • The Dean’s Terminal at University Point (DN088_DeansSubTerminalMail) has a mail relay submenu with incorrect dates. It is talking about events from 2077 but is dated 2285, which is incorrect. (Bug #19741)

Texture & Material Fixes

  • The material swaps for Covert Operations 7 (CustomMaterialSwap001D1FEA) and Covert Operations 8 (CustomMaterialSwap001D1FF1) were switched and caused them to display the wrong artwork when dropped in the world. (Bug #20009)

Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes

  • 00080812: Arcjet Systems elevator sticking up through the building roof. (Bug #19724)
  • 0020c29f: Floating chem box. (Bug #19659)
  • 001772d6, 0019e420: Floating tires. (Bug #19688)
  • 00175d71: Test tube clipping other objects. (Bug #19697)
  • 00055583, 00055590: Floating trash cans. (Bug #19697)
  • 00175e7e: Coffee cup standing on its handle. (Bug #19697)
  • 00219d74, 00238C3B: Floating bottles. (Bug #19697, Bug #19878)
  • 0023f428, 0023f429: Baseball grenades clipping desk. (Bug #19697)
  • 00193ffc: Object stuck behind collision. (Bug #19718)
  • 00087D9D, 00087D9C: Floating benches. (Bug #19878)
  • 0020C2A0: Floating cap stash. (Bug #19878)
  • 0017FD4F, 0017FD54: Floating frag mines. (Bug #19879)
  • 000C7382: Frag mine buried under terrain. (Bug #19879)
  • 00186BFC: Useable bench buried in mud – changed to non-useable static. (Bug #19882)
  • 0021543E: Z-Fighting rug. (Bug #19883)
  • 00165111: Separated duplicate coffee mugs. (Bug #19883)
  • 000edc14: Pallet clipping with pole. (Bug #19883)
  • 001F2DCD: Picture, frame, and nuka-cola machine clipping with a wall. (Bug #19883)
  • 0003B67D: Cooler buried and inaccessible. (Bug #19883)
  • 00043214: Floating skeleton. (Bug #19913)
  • 000516a3: Floating tree branches. (Bug #19712)
  • 001bf692, 001bf691: Misaligned bridge pieces. (Bug #20129)

Text Fixes

  • ConcentratedFire02: “In V.A.T.S. every attack on the same body part gains +15% accuracy.” -> “In V.A.T.S. every attack on the same body part gains +15% damage.” (Bug #19671)
  • Loadscreen PerkLoneWanderer: “Prefer to go it alone? With the Lone Wanderer perk, you’ll take less damage and be able to carry more equipment when you adventure without a companion or dog.” -> “Prefer to go it alone? With the Lone Wanderer perk, you’ll take less damage and be able to carry more equipment when you adventure without a companion.” (Bug #20118)
  • BoS_DN017_CEOTerminal: “wander passed security” -> “wander past security” (Bug #19723)
  • RR102_200_Deacon_At_Sympathizer, Action 6: “He, or she, has intel on the base.” -> “He, or she, has information on the base.” (Bug #19723)
  • RR102_400_Deacons_Plan, Action 8: “That’s my read, too.” -> “Yeah, that’s my read, too.” (Bug #19723)
  • RR102 – Shared infos: “So we go in through the escape tunnel.” -> “So we’re goin’ in through the escape tunnel.” (Bug #19723)
  • RR102_400_Deacons_Plan: “Doesn’t everyone have an escape tunnel?” -> “What, doesn’t everyone have an escape tunnel?” (Bug #19723)
  • DialogueDrumlinDiner – Greetings: “Did you need anything?” -> “Do you need anything?” (Bug #19723)
  • MelonWild: “Melon blossom” -> “Melon Blossom” (Bug #20145)
  • MelonWildGS: “Ash blossom” -> “Ash Blossom” (Bug #20145)