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Fallout 4 “New Vegas 2” depots appear on Steam, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up

The SteamDB page for Fallout 4 has added the “newvegas2” depot updates on its listing page recently. And from, the looks of it, Fallout fans are going crazy right now. However, we suggest tempering your expectations.

For starters, there isn’t any official sequel to New Vegas. I mean, you’d expect a huge marketing campaign for such a game, right? Hell, at least we’d have gotten a leak by now. So no, Bethesda and Microsoft won’t suddenly shadow-drop it.

From what we know, Fallout 4 will soon get a next-gen update. So, perhaps this is a DLC for it (like a weapon or skins from New Vegas)? Or an RTX remaster? This is doubtful but hey, one can dream.

We also know that a modding team is working on Fallout 4: New Vegas. This mod attempts to recreate Fallout: New Vegas in the Fallout 4 engine. So, did that modding team strike a deal with Bethesda and Microsoft?

Whatever is going on here, we can certainly say that this isn’t Fallout: New Vegas 2. So yeah, don’t get your hopes up. Still, it will be interesting to see why Bethesda added that depot to Fallout 4.

Stay tuned for more!

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