Fallen Earth: Alpha County Expansion launched

GamersFirst announced today the new expansion pack for the award-winning post -apocalyptic action MMORPG, Fallen Earth. This new expansion is called ‘Alpha County’ and is now available and free to current and future game subscribers. ‘Alpha County’ features five levels of new missions, new crafted items and equipment, improved combat balance, six new Skill Lines, player-versus-player (PvP) objectives, improved mutation abilities and player-controlled Progress Towns.

Marie “Aro Sei” Croall, Fallen Earth lead designer for Reloaded Productions said:

“For as long as anyone in the world of Fallen Earth can remember, Alpha County has been quarantined from the rest of the game universe… until now. The New Alpha County expansion will empower end-game Fallen Earth wastelanders with new missions, intense PvP and a whole new zone to explore.”
Joseph Willmon, associate game director for GamersFirst added:
“The player community for Fallen Earth has been instrumental in helping us create an end-game zone that will both engage our hard-core players and inspire new players to level so they can get their piece of Alpha County. Marie and her team have outdone themselves with the overall craft and polish in Alpha County, and we are excited to see how the player community reacts to their hard work.”
Fallen Earth is a hybrid third-person shooter and role-playing game and features real-time twitch-based combat, six factions, a classless advancement system and a powerful crafting system in which players can make 95 percent of in-game items.
Fallen Earth will give free players completely unrestricted permanent access to every zone and instance in the game once it transitions to Free2Play. Several types of services, items and conveniences will continue being sold in the Fallen Earth store. Subscriptions will be replaced by a four-tiered membership system that caters to players of all levels of engagement, and each membership will include reward points that can be used to obtain store items for free on a monthly basis. Current subscribers maintaining their memberships throughout the transition will collect significant Veteran Rewards that will include perks such as lifetime upgrades to a premium tier membership for the price of an existing subscription, unique veteran-only items, and bonus quality-of-life services yet to be determined.