F1 2011 scores a 8/10 on its first review

F1 fans get ready as Codies’ upcoming F1 game seems to be a worthy successor to last year’s awesome offer. OPM had the chance to play the final version and review the game and gave it a 8/10. We’ll be honest with you though, we’d expect it to score higher especially after OPM’s comments about how this game will change the way you watch the Sunday affo Grand Prix. Hardcore fans will also get delighted since OPM stated that F1 2011 is unforgiving and newbie-unfriendly.
OPM concluded that:
“There’s no easy solution here, but one needs to be found. The road into F1 2012 needs to be smoother than the one into 2011 because the game deserves to be played.”
F1 2011 is slated for release on September 23rd on X360, PC and PS3 and from what we can tell, it won’t get delayed as other games. If you want to read the full review, you’ll have to… well, buy the Official Playstation Magazine.