Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 Update & Manual Release

Project Reality: ARMA 2 (aka PR:ARMA2) will be a free to download game modification for the ARMA 2 retail Windows PC game. The main aim for PR:ARMA2 is to create a realistic and immersive modification for ARMA 2, which focuses on encouraging teamwork through game play. The mod is developed by Reality Studios, who revealed today some new information about it.
As the modding team stated, the upcoming release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 modification is going to be BETA only. The primary goal of this first release is to incorporate the  Project Reality style of gameplay into the ARMA 2 game. With that said,  some assets have not been included in the v0.1 BETA build. However, the team has included a few placeholders to cover what assets did not make it in. The aim of PR:ARMA2 remains to thoroughly test the PR gameplay and ensure they prove the concept before they continue adding other assets into the mod.
In addition, the team has just announced the first official release of the Project Reality: ARMA 2 Manual. There are currently two different versions of the manual available for download; an interactive PDF that contains instructional videos embedded directly into the document and a standard, non-interactive PDF that contains links to the instructional videos.
Last but not least, here are some videos for this mod. Enjoy!
PR:ARMA2 Mod v0.1 - Gameplay

PR:ARMA2 - Tutorial #1 - Options & Menus