Evolve – PC Technical Test On January 16th, New Trailers Released

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios announced that the open beta phase of Evolve will start in mid January. On January 15th (and until January 19th), the open beta phase will be exclusive to Xbox One, however there will be technical tests for both the PC and PS4.

On January 16th, PC gamers will get their hands on the game’s technical test, while PS4 gamers will get their turn on January 17th.

In order to participate in those technical tests, you need to have been in the Alpha, or on PC have Bioshock or Left 4 Dead in your library.

2K Games has also released some new trailers for Evolve that can be viewed below.


Evolve Tutorial Evacuation

Evolve –– Wraith Interactive Trailer

Evolve –– Stalker Trailer