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Outcast 1.1 Coming To Steam Today – Will Cost $5.99, Smooth 1080p Rendering With Intel’s i7-2600

Fresh3D announced that an updated version of Outcast will be coming to Steam later today. According to the development team, this new version packs some bug fixes, offers native full HD support, and is optimized for CPU multi-threading.

As you may already know, Outcast is using voxels for its visuals, meaning that the CPU has to do all the work instead of the GPU. In short, we’re looking at software rendering instead of hardware rendering. And thanks to this new build, a number of PC systems will be able to run the game at full 1080p resolutions.

As the developers wrote on the game’s official Steam forum:

“For the CPU required. We just tested the game on an Intel i7-2600 @3.2Ghz, and it works smoothly at 1920*1080. 🙂
We also tested on an i5, and it worked too, but a bit less smoothly when running at 1080p. But no problem with lower resolutions. :)”

The new voxel renderer will support and use all the threads available. 🙂
So yes, it does take full advantage of 4+ cores. 🙂

Outcast 1.1 will be priced at $5.99 on Steam, and the GOG – that has been available for quite some time – will be also updated with this latest patch.

Moreover, the game’s keyboard+mouse controls were modernized, and are now entirely customizable.


Outcast 1.1 - Trailer