Evolve – All DLC Maps Will Be Available To Everyone For Free

Turtle Rock Studios’ Creative Director, Phil Robb, revealed to IGN that all DLC maps for Evolve will be available to everyone for free. As Robb claimed, this decision was made in order to keep the game’s community alive and intact (instead of breaking it up).

As Robb said when asked about Evolve’s DLC maps:

“First thing we [Evolve’s creative leads] said was we can’t break the community up, so all of our maps will be free. We never want anyone to get booted off of a server because they haven’t bought something.”

In addition to new maps, Evolve’s DLCs will add new characters and monsters to the game. And while players won’t be able to choose these new characters unless owning these packs, they will be able to play alongside them.

“We’ll have characters and monsters, and even if you don’t buy them, if your buddy wants to buy the DLC, that’s cool, and your game will be enhanced through his purchase. So, you won’t be able to play as those characters, but you will certainly be able to play with those characters.”

Evolve is powered by CRYENGINE and will release next year.

Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘Sikandar Ali’ for informing us!