EVE Online header screenshot

EVE Online now supports AMD’s FidelityFX, offering sharpened graphics on all GPUs

CCP Games has released a new patch for EVE Online that adds support for AMD’s FidelityFX tech. This tech works on both AMD’s and NVIDIA’s hardware, and will improve the game’s visuals by applying Contrast Adaptive Sharpening.

CAS is a process that considers the contrast of the pixels during the sharpening process. CAS will accurately sharpen visuals all across New Eden, including areas that have large contrast differences where normal sharpeners often struggle.

Do note that you can enable FidelityFX only with High Post Processing setting. We don’t know whether CCP Games will offer an alternative in a future version.

Furthermore, CCP Games is still working on the DirectX 12 client for EVE Online. This DX12 client will offer better optimization and graphical features. CCP Games may also take advantage of real-time ray tracing. Unfortunately, though, there is no ETA on when this DX12 renderer will become available.

As always, Steam will download this latest update for EVE Online the next time you launch its client. You can also find here some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the FidelityFX version of EVE Online.

Have fun!