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Epic Games Teases “The Future Of Unreal Tournament” – New UT Title Powered By Unreal Engine 4?

Okay everyone, this may be HUGE. Epic Games has just tweeted that the future of Unreal Tournament will be unveiled this Thursday at 2PM ET. That information comes straight from both Mark Rein and Paul Meegan.

While Rein did not provide any additional information, Paul Meegan – Games, Unreal Engine and Publishing at Epic Games – claimed that both the UE4 Dev Community and Epic Games are involved in this project (which will most probably be powered by Unreal Engine 4).

This fact may mean that Epic Games is not developing a new UT title. Perhaps a standalone UE4 remake of UT is being developed by another developer? A free-to-play version of UT2K4 ported in Unreal Engine 4 also sounds plausible.

Strangely enough, a new video of a reworked UT map has appeared on YouTube yesterday. This map is created by YouTube’s member ‘mozidesigner’ who had this to say about this map:

“A long time ago I made a map called DM-Runoff in UT2k4. Now that UE4 is out I figured I get started with something familiar so I choose one location from the level and rebuilt that same scene using the assets provided within UE4.”

Here is hoping that Epic Games will unveil what most of us are waiting for (a new Unreal Tournament game) and not something related to this reworked map.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Making of Runoff in UE4


Confirmed, Unreal Tournament is coming back as Mark Rein stated. Although Rein did not confirm whether this is a brand new game or a remake, it is a fact that a new UT project is under way!