Enjoy Battlefield 3 without Origin or Battlelog using your browser

I’ve said it before and will say it again; it was a really bad move to force both Origin and Battlelog in order to enjoy Battlefield 3. And as you’d expect, the PC gaming community has come up with some ways to override these obstacles. Well… sort of as the way to override Origin is illegal. Still, PC gamers have that option and it’s quite disturbing that we have to rely on crackers – yeah that’s right. We are now relying on crackers to fix our games – to simply enjoy the games we bought. Oh, the horror.
Although – for obvious reasons – we won’t share information about the removal of Origin, we can tell you how to use a third party program to launch Battlelog without using your browsers. Why would you do something like that you ask? Because this will reduce dramatically¬†your RAM usage. After all, this was one of the reasons¬†we were really frustrated with the browser form of Battlelog. And in case you’re wondering, this is approved by DICE so go ahead and do it.
PC gamers can either use BattleLaunch or Realmware. DICE’s Johan Andersson suggested to Realmware’s devs to remove GstRender.Enlighten, GstRender.Contrast and GstRender.TransparentShadows as they don’t have any in-game impact. In addition, Realmware let’s you tweak your in-game settings without entering the game which is pretty cool, right?