Electronic Arts Reveals 15 Features That Have Been Added to Battlefield: Hardline’s Open Beta

Electronic Arts has revealed 15 new features that have been added to the open beta phase of Battlefield: Hardline. According to the publisher, these features were added after the criticism received by the game’s closed beta phase. And while Battlefield: Hardline still feels like a re-skinned version of Battlefield 4, it’s good to see a developer taking fan feedback into account.

As Electronic Arts noted, the open beta phase features:

1) Gadget Master Class
2) A Cleaner Customize Screen
3) More Interactions
4) Longer Rounds
5) Less Explosions
6) A Cleaner HUD
7) Stronger Vehicles
8) More Sensitive Audio
9) Adjusted interrogation
10) Faster Movement
11) Camera Tweaks
12) Nerfing Survivalist
13) More Visual Feedback
14) Faster Vehicles
15) Sweet Spots in Heavy Vehicles

You can head over to EA’s website in order to read more about these new features.

Moreover, Matt will be sharing – in the next couple of days – his opinion about Battlefield: Hardline’s open beta phase, so stay tuned for more!