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Edge of Eternity will fully support mods, Eternal Forge modkit will be available on day one

Midgar Studio has announced that its upcoming JRPG, Edge of Eternity, will support mods from the get-go. According to the developers, the Eternal Forge modkit will be available on day one of the Early Access.

This tool is said to be extremely powerful as it will allow players to do pretty much anything they want with the game. For example, players will be able to swap every model and edit the stats of every monster, character, weapon, FX, music in the game, and create their own weapons, spells, dialogues, cutscene events, loot, items, characters and companions.

Furthermore, players will be able to make their own custom, stand-alone campaigns if they want to. They can do so by importing landmasses, creating cities, homes, spells, quest, storyline, etc. Basically, this modkit is what Square Enix should had immediately released for Final Fantasy XV (instead of the limited modding tools we got) so it will be interesting to see whether players will embrace Edge of Eternity and whether we’ll see any cool mods for it.

Last but not least, the Eternal Forge – just as the base game – will evolve greatly during Early Access. As of now it already includes a great deal (almost all) of the functionalities the team is using on a daily basis to create the base game, however there is still room for improvements.

“We aim to create a tool that is both powerful and user-friendly and we will need you for that. If you are a modder yourself, we will be glad to hear your feedback about how we can flesh out the Eternal Forge, as well of which kind of feature you would like to see in it. (There is also a wiki in preparation to help the less seasoned modders getting their hands on it.)”

Edge of Eternity is coming to Steam Early Access on November 29th.

Edge of Eternity - Early Access Announcement Teaser