Echoes of the Living feature

Echoes of the Living is a new survival horror game with fixed camera angles, inspired by classic Resident Evil games

MoonGlint has released a demo for its upcoming survival horror game, Echoes of the Living. Echoes of the Living is a game heavily inspired by the classic Resident Evil games, and features fixed camera angles.

MoonGlint has been previously working on a similar survival game, called VIGIL. And even though the team shared a demo for it back in 2019, VIGIL was canceled (there isn’t even a Steam store page for it). So yeah, keep that in mind. Thankfully, you can’t pre-order Echoes of the Living. MoonGlint was also working on a fan remake of Resident Evil in Unreal Engine 4 (which hasn’t been released to the public).

Anyway, as with VIGIL, Echoes of the Living is inspired by the greatest survival horror games of the 90s. In this game, your goal is to make it out alive while uncovering the truth about an incident.

MoonGlint plans to release the game in Q4 2023 and you can download its demo from here. Below you can also find its key features, as well as a trailer for it.

Echoes Of The Living - Steam Trailer (Old)

Echoes of the Living Key Features
  • Fixed Camera Angles
  • Updated and customizable control
  • Puzzles
  • Limited inventory management
  • Backtracking
  • Save Room and Item Storage
  • Multiple stories with their own point of view
  • All types of enemies from blood thirsty zombies, mutated fauna to other nightmare fuel creatures
  • Fully 3D enviroments with current gen graphics
  • Walk over dark and bloody streets, shady exteriors, emblematic buildings such as the hospital, libraries, police station, high school… and try to find out what’s going on
  • Wide arsenal to adapt to your playstyle
  • Weapon and equipment upgrades to reward the player
  • In game unlockables
  • Immersive OST inspired by the Classics

Kudos to our reader ‘durka durka’ for bringing this to our attention!