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EA bans out of nowhere an entire country from Origin, without offering refunds or compensations

It appears that EA has just banned an entire country from Origin. According to reports, PC gamers located in Myanmar cannot access their games or login to their accounts, and cannot use EA’s Origin client at all.

PC gamers in Myanmar are welcomed with an “Access Denied” message and it’s been reported that Origin is no longer available in Myanmar. However, all those gamers that have already bought their games have not been offered any refunds in any way. Instead, EA simply terminated its Origin services in that country, without giving a damn about those affected by it.

From what we’ve gathered, EA is not offering Origin in Myanmar anymore due to the US sanctions against Myanmar. It’s worth noting that the sanctions were lifted on October 7th, however the service is still unavailable in Myanmar.

It’s also worth noting that Steam, GOG, and every single other content distribution network is said to be working fine in Myanmar.

Naturally, gamers located in Myanmar can use a VPN in order to access their accounts and games.

This issue perfectly demonstrates the dangers of digital/current games. It further proves that gamers do not really own their games, but rather a license to play them. Ironically, the only way to actually play your legitimate copies – in case something like that happens in your country – is by using… you guessed it… cracks. And that’s really a sad thing to say.

We hope that EA will resolve this issue as soon as possible, or at least offer a refund to everyone affected by this!