E3 2013 Gameplay Walkthroughs – BF 4, DayZ, Batman: Arkham Origins, Deadfall Adventures, Dark Souls II

Batman Arkham Origins
It’s pretty much impossible to keep up with all the gameplay dev walkthrough videos that have been released in the last 24 hours. So, today we bring you some new videos from Battlefield 4, DayZ, Batman: Arkham Origins, Deadfall Adventures and Dark Souls II. Unfortunately we don’t have any video yet from Mad Max, though we know that it was shown during E3 and that Hideo Kojima himself was in Mad Max’s E3 booth. We also know that The Witcher 3 was demoed, however there isn’t any leaked video from that demo. Enjoy the gameplay walkthrough videos below that are courtesy of Gamespot, IGN, GameTrailers, VG247 and CommunityGame!
Batman: Arkham Origins 'Walkthrough Part 1' (Demo Playthrough) | 【True-HD】 E3M13

Deadfall Adventures - E3 2013 Stage Demo

DayZ Standalone - Debut Gameplay Reveal - E3 2013

Battlefield 4 Gameplay Demo - IGN Live - E3 2013