Dragon Ball FighterZ online issues are caused by the massive fan support, dev team working on fixing them

As we claimed in our PC Performance Analysis, Dragon Ball FighterZ suffers from major online issues. Thankfully, Bandai Namco has acknowledged them, claiming that these issues are caused by the overwhelming support and that the development team is working on fixing them.

As Bandai Namco stated:

“The launch of DRAGON BALL FighterZ has been nothing short of phenomenal in regards to support from Dragon Ball and fighting game fans. However, a side-effect of this massive support has been online-play difficulties that could not have been anticipated without the actual launch of the game taking place.”

The publisher concluded that it is in constant communication with the dev team, keeping them apprised of the issues, and they are working on solutions to improve the online-play experience. Bandai Namco will share more news pertaining to improvements for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s online-play experience as soon as they are available.

Apart from these online issues – that affect all platforms – Dragon Ball FighterZ runs incredibly well on the PC platform. Not only that, but this is one of the most beautiful fighting games ever released, and it’s the closest thing to the anime. In fact, Arc System Works has replicated a number of scenes from the anime that look exactly the same, showing how true to its source material this new DBZ game actually is.