Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Not Support Armor/Weapon Decay, Will Limit Gamers To Class-Restricted Weapons

Bioware has revealed a new Q&A in which the development team answered some questions from its community. Unfortunately – and from the looks of it – Dragon Age: Inquisition will lack some noteworthy features, especially if we take account the first part of the series that was a ‘purer’ RPG game.

First and foremost, the game will not support Armor/Weapon decay. This basically means that your weapons and armor degrade over time. That’s a huge blow for pretty much all RPG fans. Obviously Bioware wanted to keep things simple – especially for all those action RPG fans – but I’m pretty sure that this feature should be included in the harder difficulty modes.

Not only that, but all weapons will be class-restricted. Similarly to DA2, players will be able to use specific weapons with specific characters. This is a feature that made a lot of DA2 players upset (as in Dragon Age: Origins you could equip weapons freely to whoever you wanted to), and will return in this new Dragon Age game.

Furthermore, Warriors won’t be able to dual-wield swords. the choice of two-handed weapons or sword and shield. As the team noted, warriors have the choice of two-handed weapons or sword and shield. Still, rogues will be able to dual-wield daggers.

Last but not least, Stamina and Mana will regenerate in between battles.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is currently planned for a November 20th release.