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Dragon Age: Inquisition Uses Denuvo’s DRM, Same Protection Used In Lords of the Fallen & FIFA 15

Our reader ‘Rocky45’ has shared with us the EULA (END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT) for Dragon Age: Inquisition, in which EA makes it pretty clear that Bioware’s RPG is protected by Denuvo’s latest DRM system.

As the game’s EULA reads:

“The PC version of this Software uses Origin Online Activation and Sony DADC Austria AG’s Denuvo content protection technology.”

So far, there are two games using this protection and those two have not been cracked yet.

FIFA 15 enjoys more than one month of being uncracked, whereas Lords of the Fallen enters its third week.

A lot of gamers blamed – a while back – Lords of the Fallen’s DRM for the game’s performance and stability issues. For what is worth, however, we did not experience any such issues in FIFA 15. Given the fact that they use the same DRM, one would expect to witness the very same performance and stability issues. That wasn’t the case, so let’s wait and see how this latest game that is powered by this DRM will perform on the PC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases on November 21st!