Dragon Age 3 will not re-use levels, decisions that matter and equipment for companions confirmed

At this year’s PAX East, Creative Director Mike Laidlaw revealed some interesting new information about the upcoming third part of the Dragon’s Age series. Laidlaw wanted to make it clear that everything they’ve said are just ideas for Dragon Age 3. Obviously Laidlaw is playing it safe and watches how he words things, but we can pretty much say that the following three features will be the foundations of Dragon Age 3.
According to Laidlaw, Dragon Age 3 will not reuse the levels, a mistake that BioWare did with Dragon Age 2. BioWare is looking for variety, for something hidden and cooler and Dragon Age 3 will most probably feature more varied locations.
Laidlaw said that this time around, decisions will matter and – in an essence – that’s what they’ll be delivering. He promised that they’ll do everything they can to make sure that the game you want to play and the world you want to bring for is what’s happening. As a result of that, players will make decisions that will have an impact to the game’s world and they will have complete control over their gameplay experience. Or at least that’s the plan at this point.
Last but not least, players will be able to equip their companions. Moreover, BioWare plans for iconic looks for pretty every character, meaning that there will be different visual changes when players equip their characters – or companions – with armors, shields, boots, etc.
Sounds interesting but will BioWare deliver this time? Here is hoping for a proper sequel to Dragon Age: Origins and not an even more action-ish game.