DOOM Will Feature More Varied Environments Than Doom 3, Won’t Take Itself Seriously

In an interview with METRO’s GameCentral, the executive producer of DOOM, Marty Stratton, revealed some new information about id Software’s upcoming shooter. According to Marty, this new DOOM game won’t take itself as seriously as Doom 3. And while some horror elements are present, the game won’t follow Doom 3’s route.

As Marty told GameCentral:

“We use this phrase all the time: ‘ Don’t take ourselves too seriously!’ I worked on Doom 3, I love Doom 3, but it took itself pretty seriously. Doom I and Doom II are a bit more outlandish, they’re very comic book, they’re very juvenile almost in their approach. That’s definitely our inspiration for how we’ve gone with this one.”

Regarding the game’s locations, Marty said that they will be more varied than those found in Doom 3. And while the first E3 demo level was similar to the environments of Doom 3 in both terms of atmosphere, horror and visuals, the game will also throw hordes of enemies at the player.

We’re always struggling against the number of AI we have on-screen, and that kind of thing, but I think fans will definitely get those moments of, Wow! I just ploughed my way through a lot of enemies!” said Marty and continued:

“Yeah, I think visually, because that was a pretty heavily industrial area, it kind of felt that way. There’s a visual similarity to Doom 3 there. At that point in the game you are in a UAC facility, which basically all of Doom 3 took place on. But the game is very varied in its locations, and very much unlike Doom 3 that very first area – you put on your helmet, you go through that door, we chose a path where you jump over and get on that landing and go across…

Like you said, you see some of the horror elements because the whole area has been just decimated by demons. So you’re definitely going to get those moments of gore and blood. But you can go anywhere in that area, you could jump down onto those catwalks, you could go up… so it is very Doom I/Doom II-esque in terms of that non-linearity within areas. Trying to figure out, ‘How do I get to that next area?’ Well, there’s a bunch of different places I can go.”