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Doom Eternal is now using Irdeto’s Denuvo Anti-Cheat System

As Chris informed you a few hours ago, id Software was has been working on the first update for Doom Eternal. And today, the team has launched that update. Alongside some Quality of Life improvements, though, this update introduces the Denuvo Anti-Cheat system.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat uses a kernel-mode driver that aims to protect BATTLEMODE. The use of the kernel-mode driver starts when the game launches and stops when the game stops for any reason. Moreover, Denuvo Anti-Cheat does not take screenshots, scan your file system, or stream shellcode from the internet.

In short, this isn’t as intrusive as Valorant’s anti-cheat system. Furthermore, players can uninstal Denuvo Anti-Cheat at any time through the “Add or remove programs” dialog.

I’m certain that this news will disappoint some Doom fans. But anyway, regarding the QoL improvements, this patch reduces damage taken while swimming. It also adds vertical Dash ability when in water, as well as an option for Hold (Default) or Press functionality for Double Dash in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options. Hold allows the player to dash twice by holding the input. Press requires the player to press the input twice.

Update #1 also removes all difficulty damage scaling for both Water/Slime, and moves the Rad Suit in Taras Nabad directly in-front of the water area so the player clearly sees it when entering the arena.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch it!