Larian is planning a ‘couple’ of Divinity and Baldur’s Gate 3 announcements at the upcoming Guerilla Collective festival

According to a recent post on Twitter, Larian Studios are planning a ‘couple’ of announcements regarding Baldur’s Gate 3 and Divinity, and most probably about Divinity Original Sin 2. The studio will make these announcements at the Guerilla Collective showcase in June.

Right now we have no further details, but it will probably be some kind of DLC for Divinity Original Sin 2, or maybe even a spinoff title, like CDPR did with Gwent. Anything related to Divinity Original Sin 2 will always be welcome.

In case you are wondering, Guerilla Collective is an online digital games festival featuring announcement, trailers, gameplay and more. Greg Miller will be hosting the show, and it will take place from June 6th, until June 8th. You can watch the show through Twitch or Steam.

Thanks VG24/7