Doom 4 – Pre-Alpha Version Leaked, Steamworks DRM Spotted, Gameplay Footage Unveiled

Doom 4 v2
Doom fans, get ready for a treat. A pre-alpha version of Doom 4 has been leaked to the Internet, showcasing the first level and its tutorial mission. Contrary to the leaked artworks that we presented you a couple of months ago, this pre-alpha version is packed with a game world similar to the first classic parts of the Doom series (and not to RAGE). What’s also interesting is that the game features hordes of enemies, bringing back memories of both Doom 1 and 2.┬áIn addition, Doom 4 will be using Valve’s Steamworks as its DRM.
Even though we can’t share the download link (for obvious reasons as that we’d put us into legal trouble), we can share with you some footage from it.
Therefore, those interested can get their first glimpse on id Software’s upcoming shooter from here or here.
And happy April’s Fools everyone!