Divinity: Original Sin Releases June 20th, Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Larian Studios announced today an official release date of June 20th for Divinity: Original Sin. Hand in hand with this announcement comes a new gameplay trailer highlighting just how many new features and worlds of content community support has leant this project.

In addition, a huge update featuring a variety of improvements and additions to the game has been released for the Steam Early Access version. Here are the key features of this update:

  • Complete overhaul of loot generation matrix. Expect much cooler treasure.

  • Added 135 music tracks, including some all-time favourites from previous Divinity games

  • Added a new “Way of the Rogue” ability and a variety of new Rogue skills

  • Full overhaul of your Homestead at the End of Time

  • You can create different user profiles, so your little brother or sister can play, too.

  • Difficulty settings have been added, so players can pick which sort of experience they prefer.

  • Added formations, both in turn-based combat and in real-time, for optimal tactical positioning

  • All players playing Divinity: Original Sin can now chat with each other, making it easier to form multiplayer groups within the community.

  • Added an “Illusionist Mirror” through which you can change your player’s looks in-game

  • Replaced “repair” with “blacksmithing” and charm/intimidate/reason abilities by “charisma”

  • Amended stats of “Way of the Ranger” skill

  • Skill stats now level up with the characters, e.g. a level 1 flare is still useful at level 15.

  • Added plenty of new skill visual effects

  • Skills now have certain requirements. You can still learn a skill by boosting the relevant ability artificially, but once you lose the boost, you won’t be able to use the skill anymore.

  • Full overhaul of all lighting, shading, and zoom. Get up close and personal!

  • You can now give commands to each party member independently. Commands will be executed even if you’re focused on another party member.

  • Party members avoid traps. Traps can be disarmed with disarm trap kits (an alternative solution to blowing up the trap, which may destroy neighboring objects).

  • Journal now tracks the recipes you’ve learned.

  • You can switch between party members while trading.

  • There is now an interface to assign companions to other players in multiplayer.

  • Several stability and performance fixes were made, in addition to loads of bug fixes. Most of the remaining networking issues should be solved now, too.


Divinity: Original Sin - Before and After Kickstarter Trailer


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