Dishonored promises to be a crazy combination of BioShock, Deus Ex, Thief and Assassin’s Creed

You know what, Arkane Studios is a really talented studio. Although both Arx Fatalis and the mind-blowing FPS/action RPG hybrid, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, didn’t meet a commercial success, they were among the best action FPS games of their times. And naturally, their upcoming FPS called ‘Dishonored’ looks even more interesting than both of those two aforementioned titles. In a recent video interview with Gamespot, Arkane’s co-creative directos Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith revealed some interesting new details about it.
According to Harvey, Dishonored will take place in a Steampunk city. Players will take the role of a supernatural assassin, Corvo, that is framed for the murder of the city’s Empress. Naturally, players will have to clear their name and take revenge for being framed.
The most important thing here is that the game will offer both a stealth and an action gameplay experience. Although it will be mission based – and will feature an upgrade system for your equipment – Harvey said that the game will have a sandbox feel to it. Arkane created the levels to offer a lot of freedom, thus giving the players the ability to tactically approach a situation however they want. In order to achieve that, the company has created the game’s levels with a lot of verticality to explore the place. Harvey even said that each playthrough will be different due to the game’s open levels.
Dishonored will give players a set of powers, where they can teleport, stop time, summon rats, possess animals or enemies. What’s really interesting is that players will be able to combine those powers. As an example, players will be able to summon rats and then possess one to sneak around or they can fall from a rooftop and at the last minute possess an enemy in order to pass a heavily guarded checkpoint.
Players will also be able to use various gadgets, as well as slide and climb buildings. Given the promised verticality of the game’s levels and the fact that there won’t be a linear path, this can mean that Dishonored will be a crazy combination between Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, Deus Ex and Thief. After all, we get the player powers that are similar to Bioshock’s plasmids, the open environments with the ability to approach your objectives as you please that are what made Deus Ex what it is today, the stealth gameplay of Thief and the freedom of movement of an Assassin’s Creed game. And that alone is something that should get you excited.
Dishonored is currently slated for a 2012 release on current generation consoles and PC.
Enjoy below the GameSpot interview!
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