DICE Will Show Something New – not related to Battlefield – At This Year’s E3

Mirrors Edge
Now this is really interesting. As we’ve informed you a couple of hours ago, EA Sports will be showcasing its next-generation engine at this year’s E3. Well, it seems that there was something more hinted by Frank Gibeau that – at first – passed under our radar. According to Frank, EA Sports, BioWare and DICE will be showcasing some new titles at this year’s E3.
As Frank said during EA’s call conference:
“Regarding next generation consoles, we are under a non-disclosure agreement with our platform partners, however, we’re planning a full reveal at E3 including more next generation titles in development for FY14. This will include breakthroughs in graphics and gameplay for some of our biggest franchises including Battlefield, FIFA, Madden, NBA LIVE, and Need for Speed. We plan to unveil new titles from EA SPORTS, Bioware, and DICE and a first look at some brand new games.”
Note that Frank said that EA is planning a full reveal for the new Battlefield title at E3 and that it will also unveil new title/titles from DICE, meaning that DICE is also working on something new.
What’s also interesting is the fact that DICE ‘cannot forget Mirror’s Edge 2’. A couple of days ago, Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite at DICE, said that Mirror’s Edge is difficult to forget. Now this could very well be a mere coincidence, though it is well known that gamers are eager for a sequel to DICE’s free running title.
Our bet, though, is that EA and DICE will unveil the new Star Wars game/games that has/have been hinted a couple of days ago. When EA signed the Star Wars deal with Disney, it revealed that new Star Wars games will be developed by DICE, Visceral Games and BioWare. Therefore, EA may unveil what those Star Wars games actually are.
It will be interesting to see what EA and DICE have in store for us. And despite the fact that we are not sure about DICE’s plans, we are certain that exciting times are ahead of us. So stay tuned for more.