DICE talks about tweaks and improvements in Battlefield 5’s Attrition, Visibility, Vehicles and more

DICE has released a new 25-minute video in which DICE’s developers talk about some of the improvements that are coming to Battlefield 5 based on the open beta feedback. In this video, the developers talk about the game’sĀ Attrition, Visibility, Vehicles and more.

DICE has implemented a new haze graphical effect in all levels as well as the lighting in order to further improve soldier visibility. This will make the soldier models stand out, which may lead to better overall fights.

Although it’s not set on stone yet, DICE is also looking at adding more ammo and a medpack on spawn, as well as increasing the maximum ammo capacity.

The developers will also tweak the “bleeding out” time so players will not be punished anymore if they decide to hang on and the spawn timer will be reduced. The audio – which was said to be too silent – will be also addressed.

DICE also confirmed that certain weapons currently stand out (as being popular and more effective at most engagement distance) that will be nerfed, and that it is looking at improving the overall netcode.

Last but not least, players will, once again, be able to take off a plane, something that a lot of gamers have been asking for in the previous Battlefield games!

Battlefield V Dev Talks: Open Beta Feedback - Attrition, Visibility, Vehicles and more