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Dragon Quest XI modders aim to replace its midi OST with its official Orchestral music

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is perhaps the purest turn-based JRPG we’ve seen lately on current-gen platforms. However, and instead of using its official orchestral soundtrack, Square Enix decided to use a midi OST that disappointed a large number of gamers.

Thankfully, though, modders are currently working on replacing the game’s midi OST with the official Orchestral soundtrack. While this mod has not been released yet, the team behind it has released a video showing the game’s Opening, Prologue and First Dungeon with this new soundtrack.

To be honest, I kind of like the midi OST as it reminds me of all the classic SNES games. It works perfectly fine, at least in my opinion, in Dragon Quest XI, though I can understand why some gamers want the more “audio-enhanced” orchestral music.

From the looks of it, all tracks are successfully looped and work as intended. The team did not reveal when it will release this mod, however we’ll be sure to keep you posted. After all, this will be a must-have mod for a lot of Dragon Quest XI fans. And this is precisely why each and every game should support mods (as players will now be able to either choose the midi OST or the orchestral music).

Here is hoping that Square Enix will not shut it down!

Orchestral Overhaul Mod (UPDATED) - Dragon Quest XI (Opening, Prologue, First Dungeon)