DICE Admits That Battlefield 4 Will Look Better On The PC, PC CPUs & GPUs Better Than Xbox One & PS4

Battlefield 4 v4
And we all saw that coming. Executive producer Patrick Bach told Videogamer that the PC version of Battlefield 4 will be the definitive one. As Patrick said, DICE is doing everything it can on next-gen consoles, however it needs to compromise in some places. Earlier last week, we heard rumors about BF4 running at 720p on consoles, so Patrick may be referring to this aspect. Or perhaps about the quality of the game’s textures? Or its particles effects?
Patrick added that PCs are simply more powerful than next-gen consoles, no matter how you look at things:
“From a CPU/GPU perspective, no, [PS4 & Xbox One cannot match PC]. PC will always be… You can just add more to a PC. There’s always more. The game supports to a big extent better hardware, but not completely, so┬áit won’t be night and day.”
In short, BF4 on PC will look better than its next-gen console counterpart. Naturally, this does not surprise us at all. We’ve known this whole time that even though PS4 and Xbox One are good machines, they are no match for high-end PCs.
Question now is whether DICE will use even higher resolution textures on the PC, and whether the game will be optimized for both GPU camps (Nvidia and AMD).
Battlefield 4 is currently planned for a November 1st release on PC, X360 and PS3. The game will also hit PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.