Diablo III will be ‘color-blind’ friendly; game is built with that in mind

You know what? Color-blind gamers have the right to enjoy each and every game. Most of them can’t distinguish the difference between green and red hues but that doesn’t mean that they are bad players or that they are not as hardcore as most of you. And thankfully, Blizzard’s upcoming action RPG game will be quite friendly to all color-blind gamers, as the game is built with those gamers in mind.
That was revealed by Blizzard’s community manager, Bashiok. As Bashiok said when a fan asked about a color-blind mode for Diablo III:
“We’re attempting to build the base game with it in mind.”
Bashiok went ahead and asked for some feedback from those color-blind gamers that are participating in the beta phase and have been experiencing issues with the game’s ‘colors’.
Good news then for all color-blind gamers. Diablo III is slated for release later this year!