Diablo 3 will only support 4-player co-op; no built in voice chat at launch, no higher resolution textures

Blizzard’s Community Manager, Bashiok,┬áhas answered some juicy questions a few hours ago, so get ready for some brand new details about the company’s upcoming action RPG. Before starting though, no. We do not have any possible release date and Diablo 3 is still slated for a 2012 release.
Bashiok stated that Diablo 3 will only support 4 players, despite the game having 5 classes. When asked about a possible new 5-player mode, Bashiok said that Blizzard is not looking into it and won’t be expanding their player cap. We don’t know whether that decision was made due to balance or network issues, but that is that.
In addition, Diablo 3 won’t have built-in voice chat at launch. Blizzard wants to make sure that voice chat is worth using before trying to include it in another game, therefore PC gamers will have to rely on Teamspeak and such programs.
Diablo 3 is not about graphics, but a bit more eye-candy would be a welcome surprise, right? Well sadly, Diablo 3 won’t get any visual treatment as Bashiok has revealed that there won’t be any Ultra detail and that there won’t be any higher resolution textures in the final game. As Bashiok said, what they have is what they have and adding an Ultra setting wouldn’t make any difference at all.
Bashiok has also revealed that a new skill system will appear on the beta, next beta patch will bring a number of class changes, an expansion is possible, midnight launch is something that Blizzard tends to have and that they plan to have a digital download people can grab so they’re ready to go right at midnight.