Devolver Digital shares hilarious tweets about Red Dead Redemption 2, asking Rockstar to publish it for the PC

Well, you gotta love Devolver Digital. Earlier this week, Rockstar confirmed that – for the time being – Red Dead Redemption 2 is only coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Now I’m pretty sure that we all know that this title will eventually find its way to the PC and Devolver Digital joked about this whole thing, asking Rockstar Games to publish its title on the PC.

Devolver Digital did not stop there though. It also followed with another tweet, claiming that they can do this in secret and that they could provide the developers with some awesome PC dev kits.

Needless to say that Rockstar has not replied to any of these tweets. NEvertheless, these tweets are brilliant and clearly show Devolver’s sense of humour. So yeah, give the ma responsible for Devolver’s Twitter account a cookie.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One next month and we are pretty sure that a PC version will be released afterwards. Both GTA V and GTA Online have sold well on the PC so it makes no sense – business-wise – to not bring this game to our platform. So, and similarly to GTA V coming to the PC almost half a year after its console debut, a 2019 release could be possible.