Deus Ex: The Fall To Be Revealed Tomorrow, Teaser Trailer Released

Deus Ex Human Revolution
There is no denying that Deus Ex: Human Revolution was an amazing Deus Ex game. Yes, it was a little bit mainstreamed (compared to its first classic title) but it was not butchered like other remakes or games based on classic franchises. Hell, its OST alone is enough to make you love it. And we’re pleased to inform you that its rumored sequel, entitled Deus Ex: The Fall, will most probably get unveiled tomorrow.
EIDOS Montreal has released the following teaser trailer, hinting that more details about this new game will be revealed tomorrow.
Little is known about this new Deus Ex game. Our guess is that it will take place right when things go crazy, something that is further hinted by the game’s subtitle. And it’s pretty obvious – from that teaser – that Bob Page will be featured in this new game.
Enjoy the teaser and stay tuned for more!