Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s stealth system is based on line-of-sight

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011 and is coming out in a couple of days. Still though, Frank Lapikas decided to answer some questions that were submitted by the fans of the game and when one of them asked whether the stealth system would differ from the previous game, Frank admitted that it is indeed a bit different and that is based on line-of-sight.
As Frank said:
“Yes it does.
Our main complaint with DX1’s stealth was the lack of feedback. We personally found it hard to know when we were hidden and when we weren’t. To the point of frustration sometimes. (yeah yeah, I’m criticizing DX1. But bear with me…)
That’s why we decided to go with a detection system based on line-of-sight, rather than light and shadows. To us it felt easier to read, especially when combined with a cover system.
We read on the forums that some people felt we were dumbing down and consolizing the game.
Our perspective was that we were actually empowering players, by giving them better information and better tools to use stealth.”
We should point out that enemies can still notice noises, so you won’t be able to jump all over the place when they are not facing you or have you in direct line of sight. Given the fact that we already have our review code, we’ll try various scenarios and see how much noise can attract or alter enemies!