Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Special Announcement could be an Area 51 DLC

The entire Internet is trying to decrypt Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s secret message but we might have found out what this special announcement could be. As you probably know, this message could be a DLC announcement and Elias Toufexis confirmed some days ago that there would be a DLC for Human Revolution. Now keep this in the back of your mind and keep reading.
The crypted messages that appeared in Human Revolution’s main page hint to both a Megadeth song and to the hidden email from the Hangar 18 achievement. And now here is the interesting part. In those lyrics we can see hints about foreign lifeforms.
As the song’s lyrics read:
“Possibly I’ve seen too much
Hangar 18, I know too much
foreign lifeforms inventoried
suspended state of cryogenics”
We also know that in the first Deus Ex there were some aliens. So how those aliens were captured? And what is going in Area 51?
This is mere speculation, but if we put all of the above together, we might have the answer in front of us and that could be a DLC that is based on Area 51.
As always, take that with a grain of salt. Hopefully, EIDOS Montreal will reveal this message later today!