Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s limited ammo increases the fun factor

According to Frank Lapikas, the limited ammo of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one key factor for making the game fun and challenging. That was revealed when a fan asked Frank whether EIDOS have considered to increase the amounts of ammo throughout the game.
As Frank said:
Yes we have considered it.
In fact, that’s how the game was for a good while; every weapon dropped by NPCs would be fully loaded.
Early playtesters wound up with hundred of bullets in their inventory and never felt the need to scrounge for ammunition. That was around the time the game was reported to be too easy.
So we did a loot pass for the whole game, drastically reducing the amount of ammo in the game.
When our next playtest session came around, two things occurred:
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<!–[endif]–>People were bitching and moaning about the lack of ammo.
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<!–[endif]–>The fun factor went up. Drastically.
Turns out that reducing the amount of ammo in the game forced people to stop and think. People started to “get” what Deus Ex was about. We saw a lot more exploration and creative problem solving.
Yeap, limiting the ammo was a wise decision Frank.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released next week on PC, X360 and PS3!