E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Official Patch Is Out Now

Last week we informed you about a mod that added custom new actions to Streum On Studio’s indie FPS, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. And today we bring you some good and exciting news.
The official patch – that is over 1GB – has just been released and as you can see, the changelog list is huge.
As with most games that use Valve’s distribution service, the patch will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Patch Release Notes:
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed loading crashes between maps
– Improved general stability
– Fixed an exploit linked to the Deus Ex Machina
– Fixed the characteristic exploit
– Fixed Alt-Tab messing-up the UI
– Fixed the Permanent Death when a hack fails
– Fixed saves losses and character resets
– Fixed the dialogues in multiplayer games
– Fixed Brouzouf resets
– Fixed ATMs not giving money when hacked
– Fixed enemies not reacting to hacked traitors
– Fixed enemies not reacting when a friend dies close to them
– Fixed return to first PSI power when a player dies
– Fixed the required agility for the Scrabouillor
– Fixed the required agility for the Sentry
– Fixed the Bio Regen 5 not resetting Head Traumas
– Fixed the hacking list reset when a NPC dies
– Fixed the crashes linked to a certain number of hacked slaves
– Fixed “EYE_GHOST” being defined both in EYE_English and Gameui_english
– Fixed the achievements linked to the legendary classes
– Fixed the Medkit achievement
– Fixed the Triangular Gates and some spells giving Fatal Wounds despite the researches
– Fixed the increase of implants beyond the limit
– Fixed the missing Streumonic Complementarity research description
– Fixed the missing Cyber briefcase for researches
– Fixed the campaign results displaying esoteric and nasty things
– Fixed the VIP exploit
– Fixed the researches not always launching
– Fixed the lighting in cc_temple*, cc_new_eden, cc_tuto and cc_monolith
– Fixed cc_new_eden secondary quests not being saved
– Fixed cc_forgotten secondary quests not being saved
– Fixed an incorrect Deus Ex spawnpoint in cm_sheep
– Fixed the broken ladder in cc_sheep
– Fixed the infinite XP exploit on New Eden (Mentor)
– Fixed Locken not having a weapon when hostile on cc_new_eden
– Fixed Locken’s departure and death not being saved on cc_new_eden
– Fixed a possible money exploit on cc_tuto2
– Fixed a possible XP exploit on cc_new_eden
– Fixed being able to respawn in front of the Immortal King on cc_noctis without having completed the required quest
– Fixed a fall in the temple not always killing the player
– Fixed the players being Jian/Culter on cm_sheep
– Fixed a missing texture on cc_new_eden
– Fixed a missing texture on cc_forgotten
– Fixed a missing texture on cm_dreams
– Fixed being able to get stuck in the armory on cc_noctis
– Fixed Tobi not killing himself on cc_forgotten
– Fixed the invisible water brush on cc_ancient
– Fixed a superfluous armory logo on cc_noctis
– Fixed being able to get stuck in stairs after a resurrection on cc_purge
– Fixed being able to get stuck in stairs after a resurrection on cc_forgotten
– Fixed the Mauve Mentor objective not being attached to the actual NPC on cm_purge
– Fixed a Perigrum Forma being able to spawn in front of the player in the maintenance tunnels of cc_monolith
– Fixed the spawning view distances next to the player on Noctis Labyrinthus and Electric Sheep
– Fixed the achievement ‘Revelation’ not being awarded when a player finds Akmal, the ancient
– Fixed the retrieval objective on cm_noctis not being clear
– Fixed a possible answer to Akmal not being active on cc_ancient
– Fixed the Supreme Manduco being able to always kill on cc_new_eden
– Fixed the door of the Supreme Manduco closing behind the player
– Fixed the physic boxes of the streetlamps
– Fixed the invisible switch on cc_falling
– Fixed typos in some texts
– Fixed not being able to shoot through some fences with some weapons

– Optimized memory
– The Resurector invincibility is longer and more visible
– Added a max player option in the server creation
– Added a camera option when running
– Added an option to disable the blur effect when running
– Added a delay for using weapons after a dialogue
– Increased the numbers of given missions in Coop Missions depending on the number of players
– Escape allows to close certain menus
– Decreased the sight cones and maximum sight distance of all NPCs
– Increased the Deus Ex Machinas’ resistance
– Decreased the number of XP and Brouzouf earned when killing a Deus Ex Machina
– The Deus Ex Machina’s main weapon deals more damage
– Decreased the player’s Heavy Armor protection
– Decreased the Sulfatum’s accuracy
– Decreased the fall damage
– Throwing grenades cancels the Cloaking Field
– Limited the maximum amount of Brouzoufs
– Limited the amount of XP and Brouzoufs with a hit
– Decreased the exploit of Fatal Wounds optimization
– Some cheating techniques aren’t possible anymore
– Revamped the save system and added a temporary “backup” save system
– Some little balance tweaks
– Made the exit in cc_tuto2 more obvious
– Decreased the difficulty of the protection mission on cm_noctis
– Added an Ally icon on the Heavy Culter squad on cc_noctis
– Turrets in cc_monolith should be easier to spot
– Added some more player spawn points in the levels