Deus Ex: Human Revolution CG Director’s Cut Trailer voted by fans as Top Trailer of all Time

Goldtooth Creative’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution CG Director’s Cut video game trailer has been voted as the top trailer of all time by users at And it deserved it as, honestly, it’s one of the best CG trailer we’ve ever seen and manages to stay true to the game itself.

GameTrailers said on October 8:
“Out of all the trailers in the history of our database, the one rated highest by fans is this CG introduction to the seedy world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It creates dream-induced symbolism like Assassin’s Creed, spins webs of conspiracy like Metal Gear, and sells a believable world like Bioshock, while still regenerating fond memories of the original. This trailer’s unique vibe garners a dedicated following with an alarmingly crisp level of detail and narration so gruff you could use it for sandpaper.”
Goldtooth Creative president and creative director Kody Sabourin directed the award-winning trailer.  Responsible for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer campaign, Goldtooth, an independent creative agency and full-service production studio, contributed four high-resolution CG trailers, 10 game trailers, two TV spots and three viral live-action spots along with 60 minutes of in-game cinematics. Goldtooth Creative’s Paul Furminger also directed the video game’s live-action opening credit sequence.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution was developed by Eidos-Montreal (A Square Enix Group Company) and had shipped in excess of two million units within weeks of its release this past summer. Goldtooth Creative had an integral role in conveying the artistic vision of the game to the public and contributed significantly to building up the substantial anticipation surrounding the title.