Destiny sequel coming in 2017, Call of Duty 2017 will go back to its roots

Activision has just revealed that a sequel to Destiny will be released in 2017. Moreover, the big publisher revealed that a new Call of Duty game will be released in 2017, and that it will go back to its roots.

Although Activision did not reveal anything else, some new rumours surfaced today about this upcoming sequel to Destiny. According to the rumours, the sequel to Destiny is said to be coming to the PC (alongside current-gen consoles) will be powered by a new engine, its story will heavily focus on chronological events set after the Fall 2015 Expansion The Taken King, and may be called Destiny II: Forge of Hope.

On the other hand, the new Call of Duty title will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and will go back to its gameplay roots. Whether this means that we’ll get a WW2 or WW1 game remains to be seen.