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Despite the controversy, Overwatch 2 hits 25 million players in ten days

A lot of player backlash surfaced online when Activision and Blizzard launched Overwatch 2. However, and despite the controversy, Overwatch 2 is a huge success for both companies. According to its official Twitter account, the game hit 25 million players in just ten days.


As we’ve already reported, Overwatch 2 requires a phone number, has a ping system, and has level grinding. The grinding was to be expected as this is a free-to-play game. Still, and despite all the whining, more than 25 players have played it. I guess everyone has mobile phones after all.

In Overwatch 2, new players have to win 50 quick-play matches to unlock competitive mode, and complete roughly 100 matches to unlock all the roster from the first Overwatch game.

You can download and start playing the game from Battlenet!

Overwatch 2 Launch Trailer