“Desolated – The Crying Fate” Is An Interesting Doom 3 Total Conversion That Is Out Now

Desolated The Crying Fate

DaveTheFreak has released a total conversion for Doom 3 that is called Desolated – The Crying Fate. According to its description, this TC offers many features such as different game-modes, 3 difficulties where the game changes, a RPG-System, Quests and many many more. The downside is that this mod requires the base Doom 3 game, meaning that in order to play it you’ll have to install it. And let’s be honest; there isn’t a lot of people with Doom 3 still installed.

Here are the key features of Desolated – The Crying Fate:

– 3-8 hours of gameplay
– 3 different gamemodes: story, arena and secret
– huge variety of environments
– insane difficulty that changes the environemnt (story and arena)
– a rpg-, quest- and moneysystem
– new weapons such as a sword plus magic spells
– hidden and unlockable secrets
– voice acted intense storyline
– custom soundtrack made by Neurological
– new gfx like bloom, parallax mapping etc.

Those interested can download it from here.


Desolated - ReleaseTrailer