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Denuvo V10.0, used in Watch Dogs Legion, has been cracked

It appears that one of the latest versions of the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, Denuvo V10.0, has been cracked. This version of Denuvo was used in Watch Dogs Legion, alongside four other (yes you read that right) additional protection systems.

Going into more details, Ubisoft used Denuvo V10 alongside VMProtect v3.5.1 and uPlay R2. In addition, the French company used BattlEye and File Integrity Protection. These are five DRM protection systems for a single game. This MAY explain why the game has major performance issues on mid-range CPUs.

To its credit, Ubisoft released numerous patches that have slightly improved the game’s CPU performance. Still, it’s really disheartening witnessing so many DRMs packed in one game.

Do note that the crack that is currently available does not remove Denuvo. Instead, and like most cracks these days, it simply bypasses most of the DRMs. Nevertheless, and for science, we’ll benchmark it in order to see whether there are any performance differences between the retail and the pirated versions. After all, the pirated version of Resident Evil Village ran significantly better than its retail version. In fact, this pirated version forced Capcom to fix the game’s stuttering/low framerate issues.

As usual, we won’t allow links to the crack. So yeah, don’t bother sharing any such links.

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