Denuvo fixes bypass exploit, pirated games can no longer be activated

Two days ago, we informed you about a bypass “crack” for id Software’s DOOM. This bypass, created by Voksi, used the game’s demo in order to trick Steam into thinking that PC gamers were playing the demo itself instead of an illegal/pirated version of the game.

Voksi then decided to use this method in order to bypass a lot of games that were protected by Denuvo, such as Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Total War: WARHAMMER and Homefront: The Revolution.

Denuvo, however, has just blocked the activation method that Voksi used in all of his “cracks”.

This basically means that those interested in the pirated version of all the aforementioned games will not be able to activate them. Moreover, those who have activated the bypass can still play in offline mod, until the next Denuvo activation check.

As Voksi noted, at least 600K gamers were able to play/test the bypassed Denuvo games in the last 3 days.

So yeah, regarding our previous title, Denuvo remains undefeated. Which is basically great news for publishers and developers.