Denuvo has been defeated, first working crack for DOOM is now available [UPDATE: Rise of the Tomb Raider also “cracked”]

Well, this was bound to happen. DOOM was released almost 2.5 months ago, and it has finally been cracked. DOOM was protected by Denuvo, and it appears that crackers were finally able to bypass/crack this anti-tamper tech.

Obviously, we won’t share any links to the crack. All we have to say is that this crack was created by the cracker who had previously removed some “triggers” from The Talos Principles.

In other words, this is the real deal. And in case you’re wondering, no; this crack is not from 3DM.

This crack appears to be working fine, so yes; this is the real deal.

It will be interesting to see whether other games, powered by Denuvo, will be cracked via the method that was used for DOOM.

3DM previously claimed that it had a working crack for Rise of the Tomb Raider, although it had not released it to the public yet. Whether that claim was true or not remains to be seen.

As said, we won’t allow links to this crack (even in our Comment section). The only reason we’re sharing this news is because this is the first crack for the latest version of Denuvo, something that will undoubtedly interest a lot of our readers.


Voksi has also released a bypass “crack” for Rise of the Tomb Raider. As it was already mentioned in our Comment section, Doom’s “crack” is also a bypass. This crack exploits a bug from Steam and as a result of that, players can use it in order to play the full game (Steam “thinks” that players are running the free demo instead of the full game).

Voksi is also working on a bypass for Just Cause 3.