Demons Souls feature

Demon’s Souls is now playable on the Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3

Demon’s Souls fans, here is something special for you. The team behind the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has released a new video, showcasing Demon’s Souls running on its latest version.

According to the team, RPCS3 renders the game correctly as all special effects such as fog, motion blur, bloom, particle effects and much more are present.

The downside is that the performance is still a bit rough. Naturally, newer versions of RPCS3 will offer significant performance boosts.

As the team noted:

“The game is very demanding of resources, and while Ryzen @ 4 ghz or 6 cores of Haswell-E can run some areas of the game at 30 fps, it can also drop down to as little as 10 fps in big open areas such as in front of The Boletarian Castle. One really wants a stable 30 fps (native frame rate, maybe someone will mod it to 60 fps), and preferably also on “normal” CPU’s. But there are both short and long term plans to improve performance, for example by making the LLVM recompiler not crash in this game.”

Enjoy the video!

RPCS3 - Demon's Souls with PPU Interpreter and OpenGL on i7-5820K